Thinking about JamTag

Musicians first

We're always thinking of how to make the process of finding musicians easier and how to get more musicians equipped with the tools to form their ideal bands faster than traditional methods.

Features that rely on simplicity

Our roadmap focuses on features that we as musicians would use ourselves in our daily lives. Whether its the initial connection with a musician or finding the right rehearsal studio for all members in your band.

Solving Problems

We've experienced the issues of having to go through pages upon pages of musicians - hitting them up and being let down. We built JamTag to change that, letting the relevance shine through with tags and match them up for you.

Our Story

We're just a couple of musicians (that happen to work in tech) that love the magic of getting into a studio room, playing loud, playing grooves and just generally bouncing ideas off of each other.

After our singer moved to a new city we didn't want to stop doing the thing we loved and so around late 2017 the first JamTag prototype was born.

Our intial ideas sparked a lot of kind words from early users and fuelled us to make JamTag a real haven for musicians travelling, trying to put a band together and even just connecting with others that shared their tastes.

We're dedicated to the cause and hope we can continue to work on JamTag and make it the defacto place for all musicians to come, connect and feel the same energy of playing with others.

Contact JamTag

We love feedback. And while we have a lot of work to still do we're always keen to hear about the things that are or aren't working for you. Feel free to drop us a note

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