About Jam Tag

Jam Tag wants to use what's groovy about the web and move away from archaic forum posts to organise a jam anywhere in the world!

So how does it work?

Once you've signed up, you tag yourself with the instrument(s) you play:


Next add some tags of the instruments you're looking for: Rad punk pink color!


Location tags are useful to make sure you get matched to folks near you. I mean, you don't want to travel for ages for a jam right?!


And that's pretty much it! Folks who match your profile will show up as...well "Matches" - if you like the sound of them, give them a nudge.

"Err what's a nudge?"

Once the 2 of you have nudged each other you'll be able to message each other from directly within the app and get jamming pronto!

So if you've been missing that one key member in your band or you just want to get a buddy for those open mic sessions - Jam Tag's got you covered

Sign up today and rock! We're just getting started